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Schroon River + Lake

KenR, August 2004:

Sharon and I rode along the Schroon River and Schroon Lake and Brant Lake one weekend day. Doug Diehl gave us the idea of trying these roads, said it was one of the best routes in the Adirondacks. We added some other roads, but after we were done we agreed with his rating, and liked his roads best. Nice views of lakes and streams, lots of pleasant riding on good pavement, mostly with little traffic. We used the JIMAPCO map of Warren County, New York.

We started in Horicon on Rt 8 at the west end of Brant Lake.  (Another starting point might have been a parking area on the east side of Northway exit 24. Or perhaps other fishing spots along West Schroon River Rd).  West on Rt 8 (past Tannery Rd).  Just before crossing the Schroon River, Right on Water Tub Rd, when reach Valentine Pond Rd / Schroon River Rd continue across onto Schroon River Rd going north.  Before reaching the boat launch at the southwest end of Schroon Lake, turn Right to go along the southeast shore of Schroon Lake.  But actually we first continued to the intersection with Rt 9 and had some coffee and breakfast, then came back.

After some nice views along the southeast shore of Schroon Lake, we reached some buildings, and turned right away from the lake, and soon found our way onto Johnson Rd. The climb up from the lake was not steep like we feared, mostly gentle.  Left onto Beaver Dam Rd to its end, then Right to go west along north shore of Brant Lake to end at Rt 8, and west back to our start at Horicon, with a snack stop at the general store.

second loop:  Schroon River to Warrensburg

Our second loop that day was not as good as the first, but still worthwhile. Started from Horicon, West on Rt 8, Left on Tannery Rd to its end, Right on something, before reaching the Schroon River, Left at some signs that said like Hayesburg Rd / Horicon Rd, climb up a hill.  Right on dirt road, Burnt Hill Rd, starts up a steepish hill.  Sandy dirt for a long way, and with some more hills -- Sharon didn't like it on the back of tandem, and would not be my choice when wet -- but pleasant terrain with lake, stream, horse places, and at least one place down by the east side of the Schroon River.  Finally it became paved and crossed another road coming across from the other side of the Schroon River (so this same point could have been reached from the north with no dirt and less hills, by taking Schroon River Rd along the west side of the Schroon River -- which is what we might do next time).

We continued south along the east side of the River, with some pleasant terrain and river views. Each section started with pavement but then had some dirt, so we were glad we taking it in the downstream direction, rather than being required to climb up some of the moderate hills on dirt. But these dirt sections we would ride again.  We continued on East Schroon River Rd all the way south to its end at the road from Diamond Point near exit 23 of the Northway.  We turned Right and across the Northway and soon joined Rt 9 into Warrensburg for another snack stop.

Going back north from Warrensburg, Horicon Rd climbs steeply up from traffic light, but then becomes gentle or flat most of the way, and its name changes to Schroon River Rd. Lots of views of the River, and pleasant farms and houses.  Shoulders are not very wide, but vehicle lanes are mostly reasonably wide, and visibility is reasonable. Not much traffic the day we rode it. The design of the road could permit car drivers to go very fast, but other than four motorcycles most of them didn't, and there wasn't much traffic that day anyway -- since I guess most drivers prefer to take the parallel Northway.

Then we turned Right onto the road that goes east across the River, past the signs for Hayesburg Rd / Horicon Rd at our earlier turn-off for, and climbed up to Horicon and Brant Lake, back to our start.  (If we had started our ride by Northway exit 24 or further south, we could have turned Left onto Tannery Rd, to its Left onto Rt 8, then Right onto Water Tub Rd to do the first loop).

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