June-2001 report -- route North-to-South

Westside Greenway Path 

Ken Roberts reports:  

Here is how I did it from the East end of the south walkway across the George Washington Bridge, in June 2001:

Go East up 178th St for 0.1 mile.

Left on Fort Washington Ave (North-bound) for 0.2 mile.

Left down W 181st St for 0.1 mile. 

T - Right along Henry Hudson Parkway entrance road for 0.1 mile. 

Go Left over a curb, then cross a foot bridge over the north-bound lanes of the Henry Hudson Parkway, and turn Left to carry bike down stairway.  Continue S on sidewalk (South) and curve Right.  (this section was rough as of June 2001).

Turn Right down a paved path which turns North briefly, with a short steep drop.  The path curves Left under the south-bound Henry Hudson Parkway, then curves Left further and crosses a bridge over railroad tracks.  Then it goes South under the George Washington Bridge, and drops again to reach the side of the Hudson River.

Go South on the paved path until it is blocked by a large building (which is around 137th St or so).

Turn Left and see an opening in a fence marked "Temporary Access" and "Bicyclists and Skaters Slow Down" (as of June 2001).  Go a few yards to a road, turn Right and continue South.  The road shifts right to underneath the Parkway.  Go through a gate (which had a person attending it when I was there), and a little further until the road under the Parkway ends.  

Turn Left and go a short ways (this is somewhere near 135th St.)

T - Right on 12th Avenue and go South.

Right on 133rd St.  Go West under the Parkway, pass by the Fairway market.  

Straight across the Parkway access road into the North end of the parking lot for the Fairway market.

Left on a free section of pavement along the East edge of the parking lot next to the Hudson river.

Continue Straight through a paved park, and then enter a paved path called "Cherry Walk" (this is near a street called Clair Place), and go up a slight hill.

This path goes a long ways next to the Hudson River.

But then somewhere between 85th and 80th it turned to dirt and then got narrower and narrower right next to protruding metal on guardrails for the highway, where sunken and tilted sections of pavement also made progress difficult.  It would have been very difficult to ride, but I was not on our bicycle for this trip.

Detour:  At the south end of this section, I looked back North and noticed a sign that said "Danger -- Bikes Must Detour".  Sounds like it makes sense to detour from the North end too, when this dirt section is encountered.  (Since I was not on our bike in June 2001, I do not know where the detour goes -- obviously somewhere East away from the river).

After that section, I continued South on the paved path to 72nd St and beyond.

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