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West side Hudson River Greenway path 

Ken Roberts on NYC.bicycles newsgroup: [ Photos ] 

Sharon and I rode from Battery Park to under the GWB following the Esplanade and the Greenway.

We started from the Staten Island Ferry. We saw several signs for No Bicycling around the southeast end of Battery Park. Then we continued onto the Esplanade around the west side of the World Financial Center.  It was in great condition -- seemed like the same as ever. Photos - - West side path -- South 

We continued north, and it seemed like there were two off-road paved paths.  The one we were on was wider and closer to the river, so we stayed on it.  Then somewhere along the way moved over onto the Hudson River Greenway path.  

Lots of other cyclists out there early Sunday afternoon.  And pedestrians too -- sometimes we had to slow down to a walking pace, and often we had to be careful to wait for good places to pass.  But the overall experience of riding next to the water was pleasant, and we still felt like we making a reasonable pace overall. 

The path was in good condition, and we kept going on that until the usual detour somewhere in the 80's.  The detour up the hill was marked, but the return back down was not.

Next the "Cherry Walk" section was pleasant -- and we took the usual detour in the 130's onto the streets -- out to 12th Ave, and later back to rejoin the path -- but now it's all marked as a bicycle route, and the section at the north end of the parking lot is better organized.

Still a short section of rough pavement / dirt up there, and a right turn that isn't marked, but otherwise very pleasant to ride up north with fewer people.  Stopped at the Little Red Lighthouse and read the story for the first time. Photos -- West side path -- North 

Then it was nice to see that the path is paved all the way up the climb to the sidewalk, but we still had to carry our tandem up the stairs to the walking-bridge over the parkway.  Then we had to go out on the streets and up a steep hill to finish this route. 

It was fun to ride, and it's great to see how it keeps improving. Photos -- All for this Report 

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