November-2001 reports

Westside Greenway Path 

Jim Zisfein on NYC.bicycles newsgroup:  

This month's report is a misnomer, because very little has changed on the Hudson River Greenway (HRG). It's still underutilized in many areas, so come on down. In lieu of an update, I'll post some directions.

Access to the HRG at the north end is via 181st St. Take 181st going west, down towards the river, until you T-intersect on Riverside Drive. Make a right, go 1/2 block, then take the footbridge to your left over the highway (warning: a few steps) and continue southbound. The pavement is unrideable here, but it improves within a hundred feet or so. Hop on your bike, follow the curve to your right and down a steep hill. You will go under the GWB, with the famous lighthouse on your right, and you're on your way through the Riverside Park section of the HRG. 

The path condition from the GWB to 145th St. is fair to good, except for 2 blocks of pavement in poor (but still rideable) condition around 150th St. At 145th Street you have reached the sewage treatment plant. The gate on your left is closed overnight and seems to get opened between 8 and 9 am. A bike lane is painted on the plant service road for the next 8 blocks, then you go through another gate. Take 12th Avenue under the viaduct, make a right on 132nd St., go into the Fairway parking lot and make a left, and you're back on the HRG.

From here to 100th St. the HRG is called Cherry Walk. It can be a bit noisy with the highway on your left, but the river views are beautiful. At about 92nd St. you make a left and go under the highway and up a short steep grade. Then you keep going south. In about 10 blocks you exit right, go back under the highway, and you're by the river again, with a lot of boats. From here to 70th St. HRG is **not** underutilized; it's jammed with oblivious pedestrians and skaters, bikers are in the minority. Take it slow. There's a big pier at 70th St, head out on it and take a rest.

Coming off the pier, make a sharp right and continue on a winding section of the HRG through "Riverside Park South". A construction worker told me that this part is temporary, but I hope they keep it like it is. At 59th St., you pass an extraordinary, triangular arch framing the entrance to a very ordinary Sanitation Dept. pier. You are now in "Hudson River Park", which continues all the way to Battery Park City. You pass some concrete barriers. Unfortunately, you have to cross the street at 55th St. and travel on the shoulder lane or sidewalk. Recross 12th Ave. at 46th St. at the Intrepid. The blocked section of HRG (55th to 46th) has been since 9/11 and I hope it's temporary. 

From 46th St. it's clear down to N. Moore St., about 5 blocks north of Chambers St. There the HRG is again closed, but you can usually ride on adjacent West St. going south to Chambers, and enter Battery Park City. The lovely path along the river in BPC is called the Esplanade, and it has been fully reopened from Chambers street (don't miss the sculpture garden!) down to the pagoda-like Museum of Jewish Heritage. Midway along the Esplanade, you can stop and gawk at nearby "Ground Zero". 

For most of the Hudson River Greenway (HRG), you have a view of the mighty Hudson. Enjoy it! For too long, we NYers have ignored this treasure. Have a nice ride. 

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Ed Ravin on NYC.bicycles newsgroup:  

Allow me to make one addition to Jim's excellent post - if you don't mind trashed or absent pavement (i.e. have a hybrid or mountain bike), you can get on the Greenway one mile further north. From Broadway and Dyckman (200th) Street, go West on Riverside Drive, then at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Staff Street, hop onto the sidewalk, ride down under the highway overpass, then get off the bike and turn right, up the gently sloping curved steps, that lead up to the overpass. At the top is a path (it starts out paved, but quickly deterioriate) that will take you alongside the northbound Henry Hudson Parkway down to the above-mentioned 181st Street footbridge intersection with the Hudson River Greenway. This path is well worth the trip - it includes a scenic lookout (formerly known as "Inspiration Point") that has an expansive view of the Hudson. 

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