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  • Amit's NYC to Poughkeepsie inline-skating trip
  • Amit's NYC to Albany inline-skating trip

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Ken's story:  Back in the early 1990's I saw a report of two cyclists who rode from New York City to Albany mostly on major roads, and said they didn't enjoy it much.  Since I know how wonderful the riding in the Hudson valley can be, this seemed sad to me.  So I started working on a one-way route that would offer touring cyclists some pretty alternatives to the major roads. 

Sharon and I are not much into multi-day point-to-point tours, so we've never ridden the whole thing continuously (though once we rode a rather nice shorter route from Albany to NYC -- see report) And usually every year or two ride each section of it -- by doing single-day bridge-to-bridge loops along both sides of the Hudson river.  See links to our reports from those routes.

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