Report on Putnam County Trails

July-2002 :: Putnam Country Trail and Train Access

Ken's report:  

I started at the south end at Baldwin Place by riding from the north end of Westchester's North County Trailway, continued on the Putnam County Trail to  Mahopac.  

On the north end, the paved section of the Putnam County Trail currently ends at the intersection of Bucks Hollow Rd and Rt 6 in Mahopac. 

The pavement was in good condition, and the riding was pleasant. 

I was riding with Greg and he had worked out a route to Brewster -- so from there we turned Right on Rt 6 and rode about half a mile, then Right onto Croton Falls Rd (county Rt 34) just under a mile, Left on Shear Hill Rd a short ways, a Right onto Weber Hill Rd for a mile, then join Drewville Rd and go about four miles to Rt 6, turn Right on that and go less than a mile to reach North Main St of Brewster, and a Right turn on that goes to the Metro North train station.  About 7.5 miles total. 

Most of these sections of Rt 6 were pretty wide.  A couple of the other roads had some no-shoulder sections where the visibility around curves was a bit questionable -- but I'm not sure how to do any better for a train station connection around there.

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