Report on Putnam County Trails

Sept-2003 :: Putnam Country Trail and access from Brewster train station

Ken Roberts

Trailway was in good condition continuing north from its connection with Westchester Trailways as far as Mahopac.

I tried to follow a paved trail section which went beyond the endpoint I remembered from a year or so ago. But after a little ways it took me back to Rt 6. I couldn't find any sections of paved trailway after that -- except maybe a 100 meters of fenced-off section of wide road shoulder.

Brewster train access

I tried Rt 6 from near Mahopac to the Brewster train station.  Some of the shoulder is amazingly wide in excellent condition, and much is reasonably wide in good condition -- and with fine views alongside lakes. 

But there are still some sections of Rt 6 with hardly any shoulder at all (at the south end of West Branch Reservoir?), or with a narrow shoulder with pretty rough pavement -- some of that on hills where I greatly wished for more space to avoid the high-speed vehicles whizzing by. One moderately steep hill by Belden Rd with a construction project to narrow the road and remove all right shoulder, but at least there was a still a narrow shoulder on the left. The good sections of the Rt 6 shoulder are almost like an extension of Trailway, but the difficult sections are a whole different animal, for anybody with less than expert road-traffic-handling skills.

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