2004 reports on connecting to Brewster train station

Tours combining roads with the Putnam County Trailway 

May 2004, Ken on NYC.bicycles:

I'm not sure if the new paving of the Trailway from Croton Falls Rd to Drewville Rd helps much with connecting from the Trailway to the Brewster train station -- since on Rt 6 between Drewville Rd and Carmel, there's a narrow-lane no-shoulders construction section up a steep hill, and other hilly sections with narrow or non-existent shoulders on that part of Rt 6.  Further east on the Trailway itself, some sections between Drewville Rd and Sheffield Hill Rd by Rt 6 at Carmel are unpaved, and a couple of bicyclists told us they had to turn back when the trail ran into a creek with no bridge over it. 

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