Oct-2001 report on Train Access to North County Trailway

Westchester County Trailways 

hannah on NYC.bicycles newsgroup, October 2001

The only time I took the train to the North County Trailway I didn't yet know about the South Country Trailway, so I took the train to Tarrytown and started the trail at the Eastview extension. From the Tarrytown stop on the Hudson line it's probably just a mile to the trail--almost all up a steep hill!  I can look at a map and give you directions if you'd like. (If you wanted to include the South County Trailway in your ride, I'd think Hastings would be a good train stop.) 

At the north end of the trail, I'm all for going to the Goldens Bridge station, even though it means you leave the trail 1.7 miles before its new end in Putnam County. The ride to GB is very fun and scenic--some great hills along reservoirs and across a car-free bridge--and is about 6 miles I believe. GB is on the Harlem line. 

Here's directions from Baldwin Place to the Goldens Bridge station: 

R at end of trail in Westchester, onto Tomahawk/Route 118 South (road curves to R) 

L at light onto 202 East

BR at light onto Primrose/139 

L Sunderland--a great downhill! (take street to end) 

L Plum Brook Road 

L then QR stay on Plum Brook Road, which doglegs across Somertown Road 

S ignore "bridge out" sign 

cross Plum Brook Bridge 

BR Green 

R Goldens Bridge Metro North railroad station (sign just before you cross 684) 

The only problem with this whole plan is that it involves two different train lines. This works great if you're coming from NYC, but it might not work for you if you're starting and returning to upstate.

hannah adds in July 2002

I would not advise doing the Baldwin Place to Golden's Bridge route exactly as is in reverse, i.e., to ride North County Trailway from north to south.  The downhill right before Plum Brook Road would be a killer going the other direction.

Ed Ravin on NYC.bicycles newsgroup, October 2001

Get a Hagstrom Westchester County map - there's two, one for the southern half of the county, the other for the north. I don't have mine handy, but if I recall correctly, the Pleasantville stop on the Harlem line is close to Route 117, which would let you get on the path just north of the "missing link".  

[Ken's note:  Pleasantville station, Route 117, and much of the North Country Trailway are on the Hagstrom "Upper Westchester County" map, with some sections of the Trailway marked as a dashed red line.] 

The path then goes to Baldwin Place on the county line, perhaps farther - I seem to recall that the further north you get on the path, the further away both Metro-North lines are from it. I think you won't be more than 6 or 7 miles from Metro-North.

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