Report on using South County Trailway + roads 

July-2002 :: access to the ends of South County Trailway

Ken Roberts reports: 

Sharon and I started on our tandem bicycle at Eastview on Rt 100C -- from the south end of North County Trailway.  Since the paved part south of Eastview soon ended, we rode on the roads instead, first on Route 100C, which had a long portion with no shoulder, then a one-lane ramp from Route 100C east-bound to Route 9A south-bound, not wide and with no shoulder.   Then we rode south on Route 9A to its intersection with Route 119 -- two lanes of traffic in each direction, and no shoulder.  We dismounted and walked our bicycle across Route 119, then a little ways West on the sidewalk until we found the start of the paved section of South County Trailway. 

It was pleasant riding south-bound early in the morning, lots of shade from trees.  We did not encounter any significant hills.  Woodlands Lake is nice to ride by (1.5-2 miles south from Route 119).  Only one crossing of a road between Route 119 and Farragut Ave, and two driveways.  We continued on south after Farragut Ave all the way to the end at Barney St.  

Then we shifted west a little and continued a south on a street with no sign.  This ended after one block, and we turned right onto another street with no sign, which took us to a traffic light where it crosses the Saw Mill River Parkway.  When the light changed, we went across the Parkway and saw a sign that said we were on Hearst St.  After two or three blocks we reached a more major street with no sign.  We turned left and went south on that, and soon we saw a sign which said it was Nepperhan Ave.  

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