Nov-2002 report: connecting South to North Trailways

Tours combining roads with the Westchester County Trailways 

Ed Ravin on NYC.bicycles newsgroup, November 2002

[ Responding to this question:  What's the latest news on connecting between North County Trailway and South County Trailway in Westchester county? ] 

I was just there a few weeks ago. I rode the South County Trailway from Yonkers to Route 119 in Elmsford, then continued north as follows:

* North on Vreland Ave (street parallel to the RoW -- right-of-way) after crossing 119. 

* Follow Vreland Ave / Hayes St 

* Right on North Payne St 

* Left on Saw Mill River Rd / 9a - if you can, stay on sidewalk on left side of street, you're only going for one long block 

* Left on Warehouse Lane 

* Right at end of Warehouse Lane 

* Just after the turn, you'll see the entrance to the unpaved Putnam Line RoW [right-of-way] on the right, down a few steps. You can do this part on a road bike, but carefully. After a block, the path becomes sandy and difficult for about 50 feet, and then you've got good packed dirt, OK for most road bikes except for the super-skinny tires. Both my riding companion and I were on road bikes and had no problems. 

* After about 1.5 miles on the dirt, you hit pavement. Smooth riding until the bridge over the Saw Mill Parkway, which is fenced off. Fortunately, some kind soul has carved out a nice hole in the fence. You might want to bring a pair of pliers or visegrips just in case, er, the hole needs maintenance. 

* Cross the bridge and you're on the North County Trailway. Enjoy!


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