Sept-2002 report: NYC to Goldens Bridge train station

using the Westchester County Trailways 

E-mail from hannah, September 2002

I enjoyed a lovely ride this weekend from NYC to Goldens Bridge via the South and North County Trailways. From the Upper East Side via the Broadway Bridge, it was just under 20 miles until we hit the car-free path in north Yonkers. The South County Trailway is 6 1/2 miles, after which you go on roads for about 2 miles to the North County Trailway--which goes more than 20 miles! Best of all, the "discontinuity" between the two sections of the North County has been remedied, so you no longer have to travel on a very narrow highway shoulder in the wrong direction for 1/3 mile in the middle of an otherwise lovely trail .

Awareness of the trail seems to be growing. Although it was not crowded, we saw lots of clumps of people traveling together, generally families with at least two small children who lacked the ability to travel in a straight line. And maybe a similarly impaired dog. For this reason the trail is not a good place to go if you're looking for a really fast ride. But if you want scenery and no cars, there's nothing better that's so close. The old railroad bridge over the Croton Reservoir is a real highlight.

The one disappointment came after we were off the trail, riding the few miles to the train station. We always take Plum Brook Road [see hannah's October 2001 report], ignoring the "bridge out" signs and easily passing the dirt mounds that prevent cars from using what seems to be a stable bridge over an arm of a reservoir. (We always saw Golden Apple route markings crossing this bridge.) Unfortunately, it seems that the terrorists may have won up here -- the bridge is now fenced off on both sides. There was a hole in the fence on the west side, but on the east side there was no hole [see also hannah's November 2003 report]. 

Total mileage to the Goldens Bridge train station is 57 miles.  I've done an Excel cue sheet that I'd be happy to share with anyone who's interested.

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