May-2003 report: access from Manhattan and to Tarrytown

Tours combining roads with the Westchester County Trailways 

Ken's report:

Access from Manhattan

Sharon and Tony and I tried a loop from Manhattan up to Tarrytown on a Saturday morning, using the South County Trailway going up, and coming back on sections of the GWB to Bear Mt Bridge loop route. 

Going North-bound, it seemed simpler to just stay on Broadway all the way, so we just coasted down the big hill and skipped Bennett.  The east sidewalk on the Broadway bridge was in good shape except for a small obstruction.  Since there wasn't much traffic early on Saturday morning, we just stayed on Broadway into Yonkers -- gentler hill climb than Riverdale Ave.  Then we saw a way to turn onto New Main St as a shortcut -- that was narrower but still had traffic (might have been easier to stay on Broadway, or try some different shortcut). 

We turned onto Nepperhan going northeast up the hill -- first time we've ever tried it in this direction.  The traffic pattern for staying on Nepperhan to curve north was trickier than coming the opposite way south-bound, but the signs were clear.  We stopped at a couple of stores along Nepperhan for stuff we hadn't brought enough of, then found Hearst, and turned east and crossed the Saw Mill River Parkway at a traffic light.  Then north a block to the start of the South County Trailway at Barney St.

Access to Tarrytown and back to Manhattan

From by the Eastview Park & Ride on Rt 100C, we rode a little ways west, then quickly turned left across the road, then up a one-lane path, going around a gate to block motor vehicles.  We rode on the Tarrytown Lakes extension of the Trailways -- on nice pavement along the south side of Tarrytown Lake with pretty views.  The trailway ended by a road (Sunnyside Ave).  We could have turned right and then a quick left to go west on the main road, but instead we turned Left and climb up a big hill, then Right onto Union Ave thru Marymount College, T - Left on Rosehill, T - R on Bennett and down a long steep hill to a T intersection with Rt 9 in Tarrytown.  There must be a better way -- at least in the West-bound direction.

From Tarrytown we went south back to Manhattan following mostly Sections F, G, H, J of the GWB to Bear Mt Bridge loop -- see May 2003 report for that route.


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