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Tours combining roads with the Westchester County Trailways 

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Joe -- June 2004 on NYC.bicycles:

Briarcliff is a good village stop directly adjacent to the trail. The original Briarcliff Station is now the village library. There is a turnoff on the trail into the library parking lot. The turnoff is about 20 yards south of where the trail merges with Rt. 100 for the first time. This area is surrounded by a village park with a pool, and outdoor pavilion, water fountains, rest rooms and benches. The pool is for residents, but anyone can enter the rest of the park. If you leave the library/park area exit, make a right, go about 50 yards and make another right, then go about a 100 yards and you will be in the center of Briarcliff. There are stores, ice cream and coffee shop etc there.

Another off trail stop that I think is highly worthwhile is Muscoot Farm. This is a restored 18th century working farm run by Westchester County. There is no admission charge to enter. There is a refreshment stand there where you can get drinks, burgers etc. There are also picnic benches, restrooms and fountains. Also depending on what day you hit there, you could see various demonstrations of farm life. I rode in there once and saw them using border collies to heard sheep for shearing. It was pretty interesting. To get there from the trail: After crossing the bridge at the Croton Reservoir you go about 50 yards to the 1st road crossing I think it's Rt 118. Make a right on to the road and take it about 3/4 of a mile to Rt 100. Make a left onto Rt 100 north and go about 3 miles. The farm is on you left. Rt 118 has a very narrow shoulder, but traffic is light and your only on it for less then a mile. Rt 100 from 118 to the farm has a very wide shoulder in both directions and is very well paved and is mostly flat.

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