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Kevin, August 2010:

the "phase2" construction project to extend this trail eastward o the Walkway is well underway since March of this year - the new RT truss bridge over Vineyard Ave. in Highland is in place and the new tunnel under Mile Hill Rd. is now finished. Also of note on the OLD section of this RT ("phase1") the CR 12 overpass bridge-tunnel (a "brunnel") is being removed and so the RT is now split in two.

April 2003, KenR

Sharon and I got our summer rollerskiing started with a visit to the rail trail.  I skied 38 minutes of skating with no poles, and 38 minutes of poling with no leg-push.  Not sure why it came out that way.  It felt different from snow -- but I'm sure after a couple more days it'll feel completely natural again.  We arrived late in the afternoon -- it was very pleasant to ski there when it was shady.  Sharon skied classic and poling, but she stopped sooner because she was sore from some previous exercise.

The rail trail pavement is in good shape.  A little sandy grit along the side in some places.

June 2002, Ken Roberts[ Photos ] 

Sharon and I went rollerskiing in the morning at the rail trail.  Everything was in excellent condition, and we took some photos.  We found a new parking area, so we added that to the route description. Photos 

August 2001, Ken Roberts:  I met Mae (8 years old), Anina (4 years), and their mother Lisa (also my sister) in the afternoon at the start of the trail.  Mae and Ani had their bicycles, and I was on rollerskis.  A rain shower hit, so we waited in our cars until it stopped, and the trail was quickly dry enough for nice riding and rollerskiing.  

Ani stayed with Lisa, and Mae and I went off on the trail.  No one else was out yet after the rain, and being on a rail trail was a new experience for Mae, so after a while she wanted to turn around and go back to the start and see her mother.  After handing around for a few minutes, other people were starting out, and Mae and I decided to head out again too. 

I suggested to Mae that she try out some new skills, like riding with one hand, and looking back over her shoulder.  At first she hesitated, but then she tried each a little, and then more -- and soon got both of them working.  I on rollerskis was single-poling on alternate sides.    

We kept going, and talked about whether we should turn back.  And we decided to see what was around the bend, and then soon we were at the end of the pavement (in less than 20 minutes).   Mae rode about 50 feet further onto the dirt, and then we turned around and rode back up to the start, and she made it back to her mother in less than 20 minutes, with me about a minute behind her. 

May 2001, Ken Roberts:  Sharon and I met Gary and Lisa and Janice at the start of the trail on a weekend morning.  Janice lent me an extra pair of rollerskis, Sharon, Gary, and Janice used their own rollerskis, and Lisa was on inline skates.  

And off we went.  It was my first time at the Lloyd - Highland Rail Trail, and my first time rollerskiing with anyone except Sharon.  It worked just fine, most of us went up and down twice or so.  Sharon was all classic diagonal stride, the rest of us were skating, and I also tried some double-poling.  Along the way both Gary and Janice gave me helpful tips about my skiing.  It was a fine introduction to both the Rail Trail and the mid-Hudson rollerskiing community. 

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