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around New Paltz -- South

Ron, May 2004:

I did Farms about New Paltz - South this morning. In general, the cue sheet was excellent. I did find a few things which you might update, so here they are:

- I got confused by the "pass by Vanuto Rd." I never saw this road at all - it's just Freetown Rd. I would have been netter off if you just said "Take last right before Dead End to remain on Freetown Rd."

- There is a flashing yellow light above the left we take off of Quick Rd. This is an easier marker to see than the "Road Clsed" sign across the street.

- "Brunswick Rd" is actually "Bruynswick Rd"

I plan to do this route a bunch more - thanks for your hard work in putting this together!

Ken's reply:  Thanks -- I made those changes.

Dave, April 2003

I did a modified version of the farms around New Paltz, south route.  I started just north of Walkill, having flown into Kobelt, the small airport (I'm a private pilot and will sometimes use the plane to get to a nice place to ride).

I followed the cue sheet precisely all the way up to New Paltz. The cue sheet was right on, and the scenery was terrific. Time was getting short, so I opted for a more direct route back to the airport. I decided to try the rail trail, but the going was a bit too slow, so I segued over to 208.  I managed to get lost trying to find the airport again, so I did quite a few fairly large hills until I found it. Much easier to find airports from the air, especially with GPS!

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