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Ed, April 2006:

I rode the "Woodstock and Around the Ashokan Ride" on April 30, 2006. It was a beautiful day and a great solo ride. I parked in a municipal parking lot in Woodstock. Most of the roads were in fine condition, with the exception of UC 30 toward the end of the ride. I took Variation B to avoid some traffic on 212. (Note, the directions for Variation B indicate a Right turn onto 212. It should be a Left turn.)

[ Ken Roberts responds: I've since fixed that mistake on the cue sheet directions for Variation B. ]

Doug McKain, May 2005:

My wife Ruth and I rode the "Woodstock and Around the Ashokan Ride" on May 23, 2005. We took variations A, B and Q. We started at Zena, parking at the health care clinic on CR39 just south of the junction with CR30 (we asked for permission first). There is also a school on CR30 just south of the CR39/CR30 junction that would likely provide good parking when school is not in session. Except for rough pavement and shoulders on SR212, all road surfaces were good. Traffic, except for SR212, was light and friendly. The street sign at the east (south) end of Witchtree Road is missing, but after a moment to consult our map, it was easy to verify which way to go. The reservoir was very silted (brown) and we wondered if that is normal.

We had a delightful ride. We're from Connecticut and, being unfamiliar with the area of the ride, found the website with all its information very helpful. Thank you! And, if you're ever looking for a ride in Connecticut, check out a website I'm helping develop,

May 2004, Ken:  Sharon and I rode most of the route in reverse as part of a Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club ride, except that we took Variation Q and Variation B -- and instead of Cold Brook Rd and UC Rt 45, we used Rt 212 (plus a pleasant out-and-back side trip west to Phoenicia on Ulster County Rt 40).  The roads were mostly in good condition, though I remember that the section of Rt 212 just west from the center of Woodstock has a lot of rough pavement.

It was our second time trying Variation Q (Stone Church Rd and Spillway Rd), and we like it better than the main route, so we'll probably ride it more times in the future.

July 2002, Ken Roberts

I rode the whole route with Samir and Rhonda, who were visiting from California and had never ridden in the Hudson Valley before. 

The couple of miles on Route 212 west from the center of Woodstock were a bit rough, but pavement on Cold Brook Rd was in good condition.  Wide shoulder on Route 28 East to Boiceville.  Then some serious ridges across one of the early bridges on Route 28A, but the other bridges and the pavement on Route 28A were in mostly good condition. 

It was a very pleasant day.  We rode it in connection with the New Paltz to Ashokan Reservoir route -- for some pictures, see New Paltz to Ashokan Reservoir photos

June 2001, Ken Roberts:  

I rode most of these roads (except UC Rt 40, UC Rt 45, Cold Brook Rd, Piney Point Rd) on a Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club ride -- mostly with some riders from the Mohawk Hudson club who had come down from Albany.  The roads were in good condition (except for some bridge repair work on Route 28A which didn't stop us), the views were great, the company was fun.

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