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FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions 
Bike Mid-Hudson - Ride page on Yahoo 
Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club 
Bike Hudson Valley -- for info, routes, links, etc. 


What is this Group? 

bulletBike Mid-Hudson - Ride -- bikeMH-ride -- Join this list to get announcements about informal riding get-togethers and organized bicycling events in the Mid-Hudson valley in New York state. 


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How to Subscribe 

To receive these announcements about bicycling in the Mid-Hudson valley, you subscribe to this Bike Mid-Hudson - Ride list. 

You do not need to be a member of any organization. 

There is no charge for joining this list on Yahoo, but some of the messages may show some advertising at the bottom.  

To join this group, enter your Email address and click on the Yahoo Groups button, then follow the instructions: 

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enter your Email address, click on the purple-yellow button. 

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To leave this list, or "unsubscribe" from it, send an Email to this address: 

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bulletYahoo! Groups page for bikeMH-ride 
bulletBike Mid-Hudson -- bikeMH -- There's lots of great bicycling in the Mid-Hudson valley in New York state.  Join this group to exchange info or ask questions about places and routes to ride, road closures and trail conditions and closures, folks to ride with, and current issues, etc. 
bulletBike Hudson Valley -- lots of routes and info for bicycling in the Mid-Hudson valley.
bulletMid-Hudson Bicycle Club -- the main group of bicyclists in the area, who get together for lots of fun rides. 

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