in the Hudson Valley 

Ken Roberts and Sharon Marsh Roberts

When we started out skiing and snowboarding, we did lots of it at downhill resorts with lifts.  Now we get to most of our downhill runs by climbing up on our power.  But skiing with lifts was a great way to learn, and lots of fun.  And it's still fun when we do it now.

Hunter Mountain 

Back when we did lots of downhill skiing, it seemed to us that there were two kinds of skiers in the Hudson Valley:  Those who refused to ever ski at Hunter, and those who skied only at Hunter.  

We were in the second group. 

Those who refused said they hated the crowds and the "New York City attitude" of the skiers. 

But for us it had to be Hunter -- because Hunter had the most and the best advanced runs:  steeper, longer, more interesting, and more of them.  With access to interesting backcountry.  

Also the best view -- northeast to the three Blackhead peaks.  And back then we found we could avoid the worst of the crowds by good timing of which lift to use. 

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