High Point Cross Country Ski Center
in northwestern New Jersey

Ken Roberts and Sharon Marsh Roberts

High Point Cross Country Ski Center  website  

Phone:  973-702-1222 

To us it seems amazing that there could be good cross-country skiing in New Jersey for more than a couple of days in a season.  But this ski center is located at the highest point in the state -- so it's colder up there and they get more snow and keep it longer.  The High Point center also has: 

  • machinery to actually manufacture snow. 
  • some big views and a pretty lake. 
  • a shorter drive from New York City or northern New Jersey than Minnewaska

We gave High Point a try once in 2001, had a fun time, and went back again on two more weekends, and we've gone back again in 2002 and 2003.

High Point Cross Country Ski Center


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