cross country skiing at Minnewaska State Park Preserve

Ken Roberts and Sharon Marsh Roberts

Skiing at Minnewaska website 

When the snow is good and the skies are clear, Minnewaska is one of the great cross-country skiing experiences in the world for a fit and skilled skier.  Dramatic rocks, interesting trails, big views, unique trees, and mountain lakes make this a special place.  See Website | Photos

Minnewaska State Park Preserve 

Phone:  845-255-0752   

E-mail:  { not available

Website:  Skiing at Minnewaska

Photos | Ski Map | Driving Map
official Minnewaska Park web page

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New York State Parks page 

Minnewaska State Park Preserve is in Ulster County, NY -- along Route 44 several miles west of New Paltz.  See Driving Map.  

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