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Jersey Shore skating: reports in 2003

Skating inline, outside but near the Hudson Valley

Ken, November 2003: Bradley Beach to Mantoloking and back

Sharon and I had a fun time at the Jersey shore on Saturday -- me on skates, Sharon on her bike. (this is along the Atlantic Ocean in the state of New Jersey, USA). My trip report . . .

Lots of views of the ocean, mostly wide roads with traffic we could deal with, mostly flat. We'll go back there again (but only in the off-season). We started in Bradley Beach went south to Mantoloking and then back -- lots more details on our route further below.

I skated mostly on the roads -- the boardwalks thru there are far from continuous, and some do not permit skating. I thought the prettiest views were thru Manasquan and across the bridge to Point Pleasant. Most pleasant skating on the quiet road south from Point Pleasant along the inland-side bay, and on the off-road oceanside pavement in Manasquan.

Many of obvious roads near the ocean were pretty wide, or had wide shoulders. Often we found quieter roads to the side. Some sections had problematic car parking -- notably angle parking where cars can back out into you, or make unexpected U-turns.

Lots of bicyclists out on those roads, though saw only one other skater. The car drivers seemed pretty tolerant of me skating. I use a mirror so I can see each car coming up behind me, then I usually wave back to them and move over some before they reach me -- seems to help keep the traffic interaction friendly. (this was way off season, might be very different in summer)

Pavement was mostly decent, but only one section was wonderfully smooth. There were some other sections with coarse-stone pavement that was vibrational on my skates -- but very few cracks or potholes. Some of the wide shoulders had some loose stones or sand, so I had to skate narrow or carefully on them -- but mostly the shoulders were pretty decent.

Trains from New York City go all the way down to Bay Head Junction, just south of the pretty views thru Manasquan and Point Pleasant. Could also use the trains to set up a one-way tour.


Route we tried: Start by Bradley Beach / Ocean Grove boundary, south on obvious ocean-side road for like 6 miles to Sea Girt (pavement starts coarse, gets better). West for a short stretch on Rt 71, then east on Stockton Lake Blvd into Manasquan, then Potter and Ocean to some exploring by the shore, including the off-road paved "boardwalk". West on Brielle Ave across little bridge, left on Green Ave, underneath Rt 35, then get on Rt 35 South across the big bridge to Point Pleasant.

Rt 35 got narrower with parked cars here, so we shifted west and used Bay Ave (next time I would get off Rt 35 sooner, like onto River Av). East on Bridge Ave, some parked cars and traffic (next time I would try Osborne Av instead). South on Lake Av and Clayton and Barnegat and other streets just west of Rt 35, until Princeton Av in Mantoloking. After this there's not much alternative to Rt 35 for a long ways, so we turned around.

North on Rt 35 (wide shoulder with some loose stones), Right on Lyman St, then north on quieter roads just east of Rt 35 onto Ocean Ave in Point Pleasant Beach. There tried the wooden boardwalk -- rather bumpy, but tolerable for the ocean views and just because it was a different environment with the shops and walkers.

West on Broadway (great pavement, but good thing it was off-season for the traffic). Rt 35 north across the big bridge. Rt 71 north thru Brielle (mostly wide or well-paved shoulder, a couple of narrow spots). At Sea Girt go east to the obvious ocean-side road and north on that back to our start.

Train: one-way train line (from NYC on North Jersey Coast line) :

Maps: Hagstrom Monmouth county and Hagstrom Ocean county road maps were very helpful for finding quieter side roads.

Taxi services: We looked up some taxi phone numbers in advance on -- handy in case of a major equipment failure.

Public toilets: Several.

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