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bulletsummary of skating distances: Manhattan to Trenton
bulletOct 2005: Trenton + PA to Princeton to New Brunswick
bulletOct 2005: Linden to New Brunswick
bulletAug 2005: between Linden + Rahway and Edison + New Brunswick
bulletAug 2005: between Woodbridge + Perth Amboy and Edison + New Brunswick

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KenR, October 2005: summary of skating distances

GWB - > Wallington - > Newark (Penn rail station) = 22-24 miles

Newark (Penn rail station) - > Linden rail station = 10 miles

Linden rail station - > New Brunswick rail station by direct route = 17 miles

New Brunswick rail station - > Princeton Boro = 20 miles

Princeton Boro - > Princeton Junction rail station - > Hamilton rail station - > Trenton rail station = 15 miles

Trenton rail station - > Delaware River = 1 mile

Total: GWB (Hudson River) to Trenton bridge (Delaware River) = 87 miles

(and I guess it would be another 35-40 miles for some sort of skating route from the Trenton Delaware river bridge to Philadelphia -- but I have no idea if such a route might exist.)

see also: skating Philadelphia - > Trenton - > New York City

KenR, October 2005: Trenton + PA to Princeton to New Brunswick

I started from the NJ Transit rail station at Trenton on a mid-week day. First I skated around the city, saw some of the New Jersey state government buildings. Also skated on the Calhoun St bridge (wood-plank sidewalk) across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania, south on Rt 32, then across the river back to New Jersey on the "Lower Free Bridge" (wood-plank sidewalk).

Then headed east out of the city on East State St, which didn't have much traffic then. Half Left onto Rt 616 - Whitehead Rd (north) up and down over the northeast corridor rail line. Right on Sweet Briar Av.  Before reaching the NJ Transit rail station at Hamilton, turned N onto some smaller streets, which led me to going NE on Basin Rd to its end (unexpected open grate bridge along the way).  E on Bakers Basin Rd a short ways, NE on Lawrence Station Rd to its end. N on Quaker Bridge Rd (2 traffic lanes in my direction, no shoulder, and a significant amount of vehicle traffic). E on Clarksville - Grovers Mill Rd. N on Meadow Rd, NE on Bear Brook Rd, then Old Bear Brook (somewhat rough, next time perhaps I'd stay on Bear Brook). Vaughn Dr into the . . .

Princeton Junction rail station: where I took the pedestrian tunnel under the railroad tracks, then took Washington Rd NW toward Princeton Boro, then after crossing Rt 1 and Stony Brook Lake, turned left onto Faculty Rd, right onto another road N into the Princeton University campus. Skated around the campus a little, and around the shopping streets of Princeton Boro, had a snack.

Exited Princeton to NE on Rt 27 (perhaps next time I'd try some side road at first, then join Rt 27 a mile or two later). Thru Kingston, then turn right onto Promenade Blvd (E), at first on a paved sidewalk, then on the road (2 traffic lanes and no shoulder in my direction, but not much traffic). Later a wide shoulder. Later becomes Ridge Rd (after passing by a turn for Ridge Rd), with 3 traffic lanes and no shoulder in my direction. At traffic light, turned left on to Kingston Lane (NE), took that to its end, Left on Georges Rd (N, then NE) (perhaps it later changed name to Distribution Way?).

Straight across Rt 130 at traffic light. Just before again meeting Rt 130, turned right on to Riva Av, which starts SE, soon turns NE for a long ways. Some fun smooth sections, later some coarse-stone sections. Shortly before its end, I turned N on Clay St, took this to its end at Lawrence, tried going left and further to Lenox (next time I think I'd turn R on Lawrence), then turned NW onto high-traffic-volume Milltown Rd / Main St, and crossed Rt 1 on sidewalk (which required crossing some entrance + exit ramps). Then Right turn on Chrome (NE), L on ?Allg___? (NW) to its end. R on Georges (Rt 171), quick L onto Nassau St (NW) and some other streets to turn right on Joyce Kilmer Av (NE) which I took to near my finish, then some other streets to the NJ Transit rail station for New Brunswick.


Delaware River to Trenton rail station to Princeton Boro = 16 miles

Delaware River to Trenton rail station = 1 mile

loop around two Delaware River bridges and Trenton station = 4 miles

Princeton Boro to New Brunswick rail station = 20 miles

Princeton Junction rail station to Princeton Boro = 3 miles

Map for Trenton to Princeton Junction:  Hagstrom Mercer county. 

Maps for Princeton Junction to New Brunswick:  Hagstrom Mercer county + Middlesex county

KenR, October 2005: Linden to New Brunswick

I skated mostly on Rt 514, except took some other streets thru Rahway, including Irving St, Milton Av, Main St, Leesville Av, some road underneath Rt 1 to south on Inman Av, then east on Avenel St to Rt 514.

Mostly good pavement, many sections with wide traffic lanes or shoulder. But at least two sections with 2 traffic lanes in my direction and no shoulder and some significant amount of vehicle traffic. And a short section with a 2-lane entrance + exit ramp with significant vehicle traffic. Also some sections with parked cars, including a few blocks thru Highland Park (? which perhaps could have been avoided by using some streets a couple of blocks to the south ?).

Distance: Linden to New Brunswick by this fairly direct route = around17 miles.

Maps: Hagstrom Middlesex county + Union county

KenR, August 2005: between Linden + Rahway and Edison + New Brunswick

Why skate to New Brunswick?

bulletRutgers University.  (but I didn't find it interesting architecturally)
bulletcrossing the Raritan River.  (but it's neither large nor wild)
bulletmajor NJ Transit train station makes it convenient for a one-way tour from Linden or New York City.
bulletdecent skating on Livingston College and Johnson Country Park roads.
bullet"Because it's there."

During July and August, I did various exploring of skating between Linden + Rahway and Edison + New Brunswick. Once I skated from Talmadge Rd east to Rahway + Linden. Another time I skated from Talmadge Rd west to New Brunswick.

I've found Talmadge Rd to be a nice way to skate across Interstate 287. Overall decent to good pavement, but a rough section at its northeast end near Park (perhaps this could be avoided by some side roads to the south). When I was going east-bound, I continued on Park Av, Left on Plainfield Rd (north), straight across Oak Tree Rd onto New Dover Rd, which I took East a long ways to cross the GSP, then Left on Colonia Blvd (before crossing Rt 27) to Bramhall Rd (then various streets thru Rahway and Clark).

I also went west from Metropark to Talmadge Rd, but didn't find many good streets for skating until crossed Grove Av. Then west on Calvert Av (gets better after the first couple of blocks, perhaps next time try an alternate for that), Left on Southfield Av (west) and Hillwood Av (west) to Park Av and Talmadge worked pretty well for me.

Idea for future exploration: Perhaps there is some way to connect Calvert Av west from Grove Av from the Metropark area, perhaps using one of more of these roads(?): Thornall, Meadowbrook, Parsonage, James, Mundy, Turner, Monroe ?

west from Talmadge: I skated Ethel Rd to Suttons La, then into the Livingston College campus, which had several wide roads decent pavement. I then tried the Busch campus, but the roads were more coarse-stone. Then Hoes Lane (southwest) was decent, and I went straight across River Rd onto the Johnson County Park road (southeast), which was decent, though had some ruts and roughness in places.

cross Raritan River on the Landing Lane bridge worked. I turned Left immediately at southwest end of bridge, then went a short ways southeast (road not wide and no shoulder), then turned Right onto road that went uphill thru Buccleuch Park, which was somewhat coarse but OK, then continued onto Wyckoff St (southeast), which had tolerable pavement and lots of stop-signs. Then I tried going east to the Rutgers University College Av campus. New Brunswick Seminary had some sorta old-looking buildings and houses on Seminary Place. College Av was coarse-stone, but George St was smooth, so I took that to the NJ Transit train station, with some new pavement and sidewalks nearby.

I also checked out the Rt 27 bridge across the Raritan River, which worked -- see discussion below under Perth Amboy to New Brunswick.

Ideas for future exploration: Try out more of the Johnson County Park road.

Maps: Hagstrom Middlesex county + Union county

KenR, August 2005: between Woodbridge + Perth Amboy and Edison + New Brunswick

During July and August, I did various exploring of skating between Perth Amboy and Edison + New Brunswick. I skated from Perth Amboy into southwestern Edison (west of Metuchen), but not from Perth Amboy to New Brunswick.

From Perth Amboy, I tried the western extension of Smith St under the Garden State Pkwy, then found my way onto Industrial Highway. (perhaps next time could try signs for Crows Mill Rd going south, which might connect more easily to Industrial Highway going south). Right on Clearview Rd (north), Left on King Georges Post Rd (west), then Right (north), and Left to put me on Rt 514 West. Then Right on Post Rd (west), over NJ Turnpike, straight across Rt 1, Right on Vineyard, Left on Johnstone, Right on Idlewild (north), and across Rt 27 onto Talmadge (north). (since Johnstone was coarse, perhaps next time try staying on Post until Right on Miko, then Right on Idlewild).

I can't say it was all good skating, and some parts were tricky in route-finding and traffic-handling, but it wasn't so bad that I'd never do it again.

Idea for future exploration: I might consider taking Rt 514 West from Woodbridge (and bypass Perth Amboy). The bridge over the GSP and NJ Turnpike looks OK for skating, but one part that's tricky for traffic-handling is the interchange with Rt 9 (just west from Woodbridge).

New Brunswick, crossing Raritan River: I did skate the Rt 27 bridge across the Raritan River between Highland Park and New Brunswick. Sidewalks on both sides were in good condition. Rt 27 has a lot of traffic. On the west side, I skated the block by the bridge on the sidewalks, which were new brick, OK for skating. The east side has coarse-stone streets on the north side of Rt 27, smoother streets on the south side (at least between 2nd Av and Adelaide, but then there's a significant hill on the remaining section of Rt 27 to the bridge, with some traffic crossings. So I would prefer to cross the Rt 27 bridge east-bound, so then I could take the block between the bridge and Adelaide as an uphill.

for Landing Lane bridge, see discussion above under Rahway to New Brunswick.

Maps: Hagstrom Middlesex county + Union county

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