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Skating inline in the Hudson Valley

Ken, June 2004: Rhinecliff to Poughkeepsie

To skate from the Amtrak train station in Rhinecliff south to Poughkeepsie, I tried following the first half (east side of the River) of the Mid-Hudson to Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge Loop bicycle route in reverse -- except that I used Primrose Hill Rd and Kipp Rd instead of Mills Cross.  Overall I didn't enjoy this route so much on skates on that day.

South Mill Rd had some dirt and rough pavement -- not much fun skating.  The climb up the start of Primrose Hill Rd was rather steep, and the climb up Kipp Rd was both steep and rough pavement, perhaps the most technically difficult climb I've done so far.  Quaker Lane was fairly good at that non-high-traffic time, and Netherwood was a fun downhill.  Then the climb on Cream St was pretty steep.  Beck Rd was OK until it got rough near the bottom, but then much of Bennet Rd and the other Cream St had uncomfortably rough pavement, and more rough pavement on Creek Rd.

The descent of Rt 9G South - Violet Ave - Parker Ave was not much fun with the traffic, but Brookside was mostly pretty nice.  And then I followed signs the train station.

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