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Skating inline in the Hudson Valley

Ken, June 2004: Hudson to Rhinecliff

My skate from the Hudson train station south to Rhinecliff was mostly rather nice.  Along the way I made (too many?) pleasant bakery stops at Hudson, Tivoli, Red Hook, and Rhinebeck.  The negatives were a couple of sections on high-speed Rt 9G with narrow or no shoulders.

I started by going up the hill from the Amtrak station to the river viewpoint at the west end of Warren St in Hudson, then east on Warren St for a breakfast snack at Cascade.  Took Rt 9G and Mt Merino Rd -- seemed like the pretty view to the Athens-Hudson lighthouse was blocked by vegetation.

Rip Van Winkle Bridge:  I skated all the way across the Rip Van Winkle Bridge and back and stopped a couple of times along the way to enjoy the fine views.  The shoulders of the traffic lanes had nice concrete, but there were loose stones on it.  I also tried part of the sidewalk -- much fewer stones -- so next time I would skate in the sidewalk.  Watch out for an expansion joint in the middle -- have to either stop before it and step over -- or have the skill to hop over it.

The section of Rt 9G south from the bridge had narrow or no shoulders, so I had to be careful and use good vehicle-traffic interaction techniques.  Then I tool Rt 14, Rt 31 to its end, Bingham Mills Rd, Rt 8 West, Hog Trough Rd, Rt 6 West, Moore Rd, Lasher Rd - Rt 80, cross Rt 9G to Stony Brook Rd and North Rd into the village of Tivoli and a bakery stop.

From Tivoli, I took Kidd Rd to Rt 9G South.  Narrow or bad shoulders on Rt 9G.  Tried Budd Corners Rt - Rt 79, becomes Linden Av into the village of Red Hook and a bakery stop.

Then followed last part of the Rhinebeck - Bard - Red Hook bicycle route into the village of Rhinebeck, for another food stop, before taking West Market St to the Rhinecliff Amtrak train station.

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