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Skating inline in the Hudson Valley

KenR, July 2005: Rhinebeck to Hudson

Going north from Rhinebeck, I reversed the Rhinebeck to Tivoli bicycle route to get to Red Hook. Then north on Budd Corners, east on Rockefeller Lane, then various roads to Elizaville, then County Rt 19 north (nice), Maple Av (west) (nice), Sparrow Bush (west) (pretty farms but coarse-stone pavement). Took County Rt 31 north to its end -- not the smoothest pavement but OK, and is rather scenic north-bound. Rt 9 North was more scenic than I expected, and less traffic than I feared (on a weekday afternoon). Then west on Warren St thru downtown Hudson to its end (with various food options and mostly smooth pavement). Then left down a mod-steep hill to the Amtrak train station of Hudson.

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