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2004 Reports between Ossining + Peekskill for Train-assisted Tours using Hudson line, Metro North railroad

Skating inline in the Hudson Valley

Ken, June 2004:  Peekskill to Ossining and Sleepy Hollow

I took the Metro North train up to Peekskill and skated back south to Ossining and Tarrytown.  I followed a bicycle route GWB to Bear Mt Bridge Loop, using the cue sheets for East side sections B, C, D.  I liked several parts of it, but two of the downhills south from Ossining seemed close to the high-risk end of my tolerance for danger and hazard.  I think I might rate parts of section C as "extreme".

Now I can see why the Empire Skate club normally stops its skate north from Manhattan at Sleepy Hollow.

route section B (see cue sheet directions): I liked the first 6.5 miles, with the views of the lake from Westchester Ave and the Hudson river at Verplanck Point.  Miles 7.0 - 9.1 had little traffic, but also a sizable amount of coarser pavement.  I think next time skating I might try Variation B-3 instead.  I tried the side trip to Croton Point, and that worked out fine -- at the end I walked a little on the grass to get to a shaded picnic table beside the River.

route section C (see cue sheet directions): going thru the main city area of Ossining was fine -- always a bit tricky finding the correct turn from Aqueduct St onto unsigned Brandreth St.  The downhill on Spring St is rather steep and long -- taking skates off and walking down it is the sensible way to handle it.  At least there wasn't much traffic on it.  I don't know a better alternative yet -- Rt 9 near here has hills too, and lots more vehicle traffic.  I made a food stop at a Starbucks in a shopping center by Rockledge Av and Rt 9.

The first part of Kemeys Ave was rather rough and broken up, but then south of the train station the pavement turned nice and it was pleasant and pretty.   South from there was a moderate-steep downhill on Rt 9 with some curve and lots of trees and bushes near to the road where there was little or no shoulder -- felt a lot more risky to me than other sections of Rt 9.  But I don't know a good alternative, other than riding on the train between Ossining / Scarborough stations and Philipse Manor / Tarrytown train stations.

route section D (see cue sheet directions): skating thru Sleepy Hollow Manor was mostly straightforward -- except for the downhill into a stop-sign intersection that comes immediately after the first Right turn off Rt 9 into Sleepy Hollow Manor on Hemlock Drive.

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