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2004 reports South of Sleepy Hollow + Tarrytown for Train-assisted Tours using Hudson line, Metro North railroad

Skating inline in the Hudson Valley

Ken, June 2004:

I took the Metro North train up and skated back thru Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown and on south all the way to the Broadway Bridge and Manhattan.  I followed a bicycle route GWB to Bear Mt Bridge Loop, using the cue sheets for East side sections D, E, F, G, H with Variation F-3.  I liked most of this route and would do it again -- though were a couple of tricky hills in section H, so next time I might use Variation H-4 there.

route section D (see cue sheet directions):  Skating south from the Philipse Manor train station after mile 1.6 was straightforward.

route section E (see cue sheet directions):  Second time I've skated down Beekman Ave, and I liked it again for its sweeping views of the River and the Bridge, and the side trip to Pierson Park was nice.  The climb up Franklin St was indeed steep, but shorter than I feared.  The rest of the way up to Rt 9 was straightforward.  And the width of Rt 9 lanes made me feel OK skating with the non-heavy traffic volume I encountered that day.  I also tried Variation E-3 and that went OK.

route section F with Variation F-3 (see cue sheet directions):  With this Variation I was on Rt 9 all the way.  The sections with two lanes in each direction and no shoulder are not something I enjoy, but with using my mirror and turning and waving to overtaking  vehicles, and sometimes pulling over and slowing or stopping, it seemed OK for me with the light traffic that day.

route section G (see cue sheet directions): I always like getting off Rt 9 to go thru Dobbs Ferry.  This time I surprised myself by not stopping for my usual snack at the Settepani Bakery.  There was some construction on Warburton Ave along the west side of the road (south-bound lane).  When I reached Yonkers I was plenty hungry and thirstly, and I stopped in at the Greyston Bakery & Cafe.

route section H (see cue sheet directions): taking Buena Vista and Hawthorne south-bound from Yonkers worked fine.  And I like the hills on Riverdale Av much better in the south-bound direction, because most of the downhills do not go into traffic-light intersections.  The downhill on 248th St is indeed very steep, and there's no grass available along the sides.  Perhaps I should have taken my skates off and walked, but instead I side-stepped down carefully, keeping my wheels aimed across the slope not down it.  Palisade Av was quiet and pretty.  I did not like the long downhill to 230th St (after the road curves around toward the north, and changes name to ? Johnson St ?) -- the road is not that wide, and the pavement is not great.  Next time I might prefer to take Variation H-4 -- or the South-bound route in the Access to Trailways from NYC reports on the Bike Hudson Valley website.

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