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Skating inline in the Hudson Valley

KenR, November 2004:

Jenna and I tried the North Elting Rd - Plutarch - Weston - Martin Swedish - Old Post - Loughran - Swarte Kill loop. I liked the North Elting, Plutarch, Swarte Kill sections. And I liked going south on Loughran even though it had somewhat-coarse stone. But it's not clear how to include Loughran into a nice loop, since the western part of Old Post requires enduring a long hilly stretch of coarse-stone (perhaps we can hope that it gets smoother over time).

KenR, May 2004

I tried this area in May 2004 -- some roads which had some sections that I skated on were:

bulletSwarte Kill Rd: some sections with nice pavement
bulletNorth Elting Corners Rd: some sections with nice pavement
bulletPlutarch Rd: some sections with nice pavement
bulletWeston - Martin Swedish to Old Post Rd to Hardenburgh Rd to Soper Rd to Old Post Rd to Loughran Lane to Swarte Kill Rd to Elting Corners:  hills -- requires significant skills for handling downhills; Martin Swedish had more rough pavement sections than other roads, Old Post had coarse-stone pavement, Loughran had somewhat-coarse-stone pavement.

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