Several persons have helped me get to the understanding of skating presented on this website -- and helped me to become more effective and have more fun in my own skating. They are in no way accountable for the mistakes and misunderstandings which remain here, and I hope I am lucky to gain insights of such quality from them and other skaters in the future.

Janne G of Sweden -- His excellent work in selecting skate technique videos and making them available on the Web made it possible to objectively analyze the techniques of the elite racers -- and his specific insights and suggestions have been very valuable to me.

Andrew Lee, Zachary Caldwell, Jay Wenner, Jim Grau, Antonio Bellomo, Nathan Schultz, Rob Bradlee -- They gave me specific suggestions and ideas in notes and conversations which helped me immediately, and then led to deeper insights of the physics and biomechanics. Several other contributors to the rec.skiing.nordic newsgroup have given me specific suggestions and encouragement -- I'll get better at pulling their names out of old posts and emails and putting them up on this page. 

Eddy Matzger, Barry Publow, Stephen Seiler, Pete Vordenberg -- Their enthusiastic investigation and diligent public communication of how skating and skiing works have helped me and many other skaters, and gave me ideas and stimulation toward a deeper understanding of the underlying theory.

Chad Hedrick, Tomas Alsgaard, Eddy Matzger -- Their wonderful skating performances showed me whole new ways to try to skate.

Sharon -- Companion of many adventures together. The one who got me seriously interested in cross-country skiing, contributed many conversations about skating technique, and stood in the cold to capture many videos of my ski-skating.

Ken Roberts

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