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  • preparing for the first day
  • choosing the place for your first day of ski skating
  • choosing a day for your first day
  • instructor for skating
  • having fun on your first day

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Preparing for the first day


Check the page on Preparing to Learn Ski Skating:

Get Comfortable with the Basic Skills

Most people will learn the basics while learning Classic-style skiing.  For some ideas about this, see Get Comfortable on Skis -- the list of topics on that page could be a good start for your own list of key things to learn early.

If you decide to start directly with skating, that same list of topics will still be a helpful start for your own list of key things to learn early -- if you substitute "making basic skating strokes" wherever you see the words "shuffling" or "striding". 

If you haven't already learned the basic skiing skills from lessons and experience in Classic-style skiing, that makes it even more important to take lessons from an instructor to start learning ski skating -- to reduce the chance of problems or risks or dangers from many aspects and motions of skiing (not all of which are exactly part of skating).

Having fun

Some ways to have fun

  • deliberately fall down into soft snow -- after you learn how to fall down safely and get up
  • do the silliness of sliding your skis straight backward and forward without hardly going anywhere
  • feel the magic of shifting your body from side-to-side in a rhythm that somehow moves you forward a little.
  • somehow get yourself to the top of little gentle hill and savor the accomplishment of having done that with things on your feet that just slide away when you try to push them straight back like normal walking.
  • glide back down this little gentle hill and feel the reward of your work

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