Ken Roberts

Lots of skaters could be much more effective in using heel-brake for slowing and stopping, if they understood better how to make it work.

There's at least three different methods for braking with a heel-brake, and for different configurations of skate - wheelframe - brake, some methods work better than others.

Some websites about heel-braking seemed (as of December 2005) to have confusions of moves and positions for one method with those for another method.

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Who am I?

I am not an instructor. I'm a skater who has tried some different heel-brake designs and different heel-brake (and non-heel-brake) stopping methods -- and who knows the relevant physics pretty well, and has put some work into analyzing how the structure of heel-brake design and skate + frame + brake configuration work to stop a skater.

Skaters who want to learn something this important for not getting hurt, should learn it from someone experienced with the tremendous fascinating complexity of helping real humans succeed in trying new actions -- an insightful and experienced human instructor (not just from reading some words on a web page based on physics).


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