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different stopping + slowing situations

(1) definitely required stop at expected location

  • concept: The stopping does not have to be quick or strong, but it must be reliably controlled, especially in regard to the distance it takes. Though not required, "stronger" is nice-to-have, because then you can keep going at a higher speed longer before you need to begin the stopping.

  • example: Approaching a "Stop" intersection of streets with limited visibility of traffic.

(2) expected possible quick stop

  • concept: Need to be in a configuration prepared to immediately begin to make a quick stop, but hoping it won't be required.

  • example: Approaching a "Yield" intersection of streets with good visibility of traffic.

  • example: Passing near some slower bicyclists or walkers who you're not sure are fully in control, or who you wish we're paying more attention.

(3) unexpected unavoidable static obstacle ahead

  • concept: Need to be able to stop in less than the distance that you can recognize major static obstacles ahead. "static" means it's already there not moving, rather than suddenly jumping out in front of you. So need to know the distance you can recognize unavoidable obstacles ahead, and know what stopping distance (including what's needed to first get into position prepared to begin stopping) which you require at the speed you typically skate.

  • example: Suddenly recognizing there is an "open steel grate" bridge ahead of you on a road you've never been on before. Or the whole road ahead of you changes from smooth pavement to loose gravel.

(4) unexpected sudden new obstacle ahead

  • example: Dog comes out of the bushes from alongside paved trailway.

  • example: Oblivious walker on trailway suddenly changes direction.

  • example: Car door gets opened in front of you.

  • example: Car passes on the left, then makes an immediate right turn in front of you.

(5) unexpected slowing

(6) expected stop at bottom of long steep hill

(7) limiting speed down long moderate hill

(8) stop from slow speed

(9) stop on rough pavement

(10) stop on smooth indoor wood floor

(11) stop on wet pavement

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