I like skiing in the northern French Alps a lot. I've done about 75-85 randonnée tours in France so far, plus 30-40 days of lift-served off-piste. I've done tours in pretty much all the mountain groups from the Chablais and Mont Blanc massif to the Vercors and Ecrins/Pelvoux.

Usually I like to do tours with slopes around 30 to 40 degrees (AD or PD in the Olizane guidebooks). When Sharon is with me we do more around 25 to 30 degrees, maybe a little 35 (PD or F in the Olizane guidebooks). Usually I do randonnée tours on days with not-so-high avalanche danger and good visibility - (then on the days not so good, instead I do cross-country ski de fond, or bicycling or road-skating). I typically climb 1000-1500 meters in a day of skiing, but sometimes 2000 meters or more.

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I'm based near Chambéry by the A41 and A43 autoroutes, and I have a rental car with snow tires and chains, so it's straightforward for me to drive up to the start of many ski tours in Savoie and Isere and Haute-Savoie.

French language? I have a basic knowledge of French grammar, and a basic reading capability (helps with avalanche forecasts and guidebooks). But only a limited ability in conversation.

Photos selected from skiing in France: 2007 | 2006a b | 2005 | 2004

I've done a lot of skiing in Utah and the California Eastside Sierras (and New York), so if you want to talk about those places, I enjoy that too.

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