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Ken Roberts

Sharon and I often travel on airplanes to get to our backcountry tours -- in a variety of places around the world (some of which are shown in the stories and pictures on this website).  

And we usually like to meet other people when we get there -- sometimes local backcountry skiers and snowboarders, but often other folks who came from some other place in the world.  So we ski in Washington with people from California, and snowboard in California with people from Washington.  We tour in Utah with people from Italy, and in Switzerland with partners from Utah.

Plans and Mailings

Several times a year, we send E-mail about our plans for traveling for backcountry skiing and snowboarding -- and sometimes about other folks' plans that we know about.  

If you'd like to be included in some of those mailings about plannings, please send us mail, and tell us you want that -- and include some about yourself and your backcountry interests and abilities.

If you're organizing a trip that you think we might be interested in, by all means send us mail.  Even if that trip is not a fit for us this year, we might know somebody else who would want to hear about it, and we could put you in touch with them.

And if you know about other planning or information or mailing lists we might be interested in, please send us mail about that, too.

Our style  

We typically organize a trip by picking a region with a variety of possibilities.  We find out who knows something about it, and ask who might be interested in meeting us there.  We pick some likely base(s) and meeting points in the region, try to gather some information about it, and some ideas for tours.  

Then we fly there.  And we hang out.  We watch the weather and the snow conditions.  We see who else arrives -- and what they're excited about.  We keep current with our dreams and with the power and pain in our legs.  We make up our mind what to do when we get there.  

Usually we're not much for package deals, or for specific advance day-by-day itineraries (but there are exceptions to that).  We do not go for everybody who's arriving to have to agree to all do the same thing.  

We do not feel a need to do something on the snow every single day.  And on the snow, we might do variety of different kinds of things -- mellow runs, steeper slopes, snowboard, cross-country, even lift-served.  

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