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I started in the city of Annecy and skated all the way around the lake in the clockwise direction, a little less than 40 km or 25 miles. I skated on the public road on the east side of the lake (this page), then returned to the city by skating on a paved bicycle path on the southwest side of the lake (next page). Annecy is in the French Alps, less than an hour's drive south of Geneva.

the ancient city of Annecy, at the northwest corner of the lake -- a delightful place to walk around, even without skates

the city's skatable promenade along the lake

waterfront park of the city of Annecy, where I started my skate around the lake

after skating on the road partway around the east side of the lake, looking back across the water to the city of Annecy

lots of other human-muscle-powered tourists going around the lake

looking south across the lake from the high point of the road

six other people I saw above me -- enjoying a different perspective on the lake

road goes down a big hill to get closer to the water

the road near the south end of the lake

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