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La Tournette is a snowy mountain that overlooks the Lac d'Annecy on its east side (visible in some of the photos on the skating pages).  Two days after I skated around the lake, I got the chance to climb up the mountain on special "randonnee" skis. After I got to look down on the Lac d'Annecy from the summit, and see the surrounding great peaks of the Alps, I skied down in wonderful powder snow.

climbing up on skis in the track in the lower left set by earlier randonnee skiers -- with their skiing descent tracks all round on both sides

the summit rock of La Tournette, with two randonnee skiers climbing on the snow to its right

view northeast from the summit of La Tournette: Mont Blanc in the center horizon, highest peak in the Alps, peaks of the chaine d'Aravis catching sun in middle-ground

then I skied down it.

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