Netherlands June 2007
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1 - Friesland (around Bolsward + Workum)

canal by the village of Tjerkwerd -- in Friesland, the northern region of the Netherlands

along the road from Tjerkwerd to Workum

My quiet road to Workum went alongside a canal -- and a tour boat with school students on summer holiday. Going my way -- but my skating was faster, and the students liked it.

by the road coming into Workum

main street of Workum:  bicyclists + bricks
(also I found a bakery and re-fueled)

2 - Afsluitdijk

It's a giant dike separating the inland waters of the Netherlands from the North sea. Next to the four-lane high-speed motorway is a bike path. I was the only one skating on it on that windy day.

3 - Amsterdam

canal thru the city of Amsterdam

next to the canal, a typical Amsterdam street scene: bicyclists + bricks

Amsterdam Friday Night Skate is the safest way for skating visitors to avoid most of the Amsterdam bricks. Here's the start point of FNS -- at the film museum in the Vondelpark.

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