Netherlands June 2007
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1 - Kinderdijk

Skating by the classic old-style windmills on a misty morning.
(most windmills in the Netherlands nowadays look very different from these)

classic windmill across the canal.
Kinderdijk is a short drive from Rotterdam.

I skated a loop thru the village of Ablasserdam, off the main Kinderdijk windmill path.

2 - Hoge Veluwe National Park

Sharon on rollerskis with her ski poles by the Park's art museum.
The Park is near Arnhem, a ways west from Amsterdam + Rotterdam.

trying out the non-skate-friendly pavement in front of the museum near Otterlo.
I get away from it quick . . .

bicycle path in Hoge Veluwe park had a surface more skatable -- though not all "skate-friendly", and not wide. Still it was a worthwhile adventure for me to skate a big loop around the Park.

Skating in wide spaces -- too bad it was cloudy (and rainy) that day.
I heard this was once a privately-owned park for hunting.

Another way to explore the Park's trails.
All the bicycles look the same . . .

. . . because all the bicycles came from the same place.
Free bicycles near each of the Park's entrances.

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