bike Italy
Nov 2005

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We hiked this interesting loop up and around the Valle della Ferriere on the Amalfi coast. We started in the village of Amalfi, first through narrow passages, then steep stairs and terraces up to the village of Pontone and continuing up to the village of Minuta. Then we traversed west high across the Valle della Ferriere to the village of Pogerola, and back down to Amalfi.
- - - Sharon Marsh Roberts + Ken Roberts - - -

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Sharon on the main street of Amalfi village

our hiking route leaves the main street of Amalfi

hiking through a narrow passage in the village

Amalfi village and the bay after we've hiked up a ways

Sharon above on our climb up to the village of Pontone

getting near to the village of Pontone

Sharon meeting another affectionate hiker

Sharon leaving Minuta village with new hiking partner

after some tricky routefinding on rough trail in the woods,
we've almost made it in to Pogerola village

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