Austria - Germany
September 2006

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We start our ride around the west end of the Bodensee ("Lake Constance")
with a ferry boat ride from Meersburg across to Konstanz

next a visit to the island of Reichenau

crossing the river Rhein in the city of Konstanz (or "Constance")

stop for coffee and snack in the city of Konstanz

city of Steim am Rhein at the west end of the Bodensee lake

near village of Horn along the west side of the Bodensee / Lake Constance

unexpected show alongside the road coming into Radolfzell

unpaved bicycle trail between Markelfingen and Liggeringen on west side of Bodensee

on another day, riding near St Gallen, south of the Bodensee lake

out in the farm country east of St Gallen

on our way coasting back down into St Gallen -- a farm with Bodensee lake beyond

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