bike 2006

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After climbing steeply up from near Meiringen, the road soon meets a dramatic torrent,
then a ways higher up it gets gentler for awhile.

high mountains + glaciers above, with the Wetterhorn on the right, ahead over the road

made it up to the Grosse Scheidegg pass, under the north face of the Wetterhorn

Surveying the descent west to Grindelwald, with the notorious Eiger peak above left.
Kleine Scheidegg pass straight ahead, with Lauberhorn + Tschuggen ski hills to its right.

made it down into the town of Grindelwald, with the Wetterhorn overlooking

now all the way down to the bottom in the city of Interlaken, with the famous Jungfrau peak above

next ride along the south side of the Brienzersee lake, on a quiet narrow lane,
signed as a bicycle route, starts simple asphalt, later gets complicated and turns to dirt

almost to the east end of the Brienzersee -- after that just a
few more miles of pleasant riding to get back to Meiringen

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