bike 2006

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Finsteraarhorn (4274m) + Lauteraarhorn (4042m) high peaks of the Berner Oberland,
seen west from the climb up to Nufenen pass (2478m)

high peaks of canton Ticino near the Blinnenhorn,
south from the climb up to Nufenen pass / Passo della Novena (2478m)

Airolo town with train and highway access to critical tunnels for Europe --
looking south from the climb up south side of Gotthard pass / Passo San Gottardo

lots and lots of cobblestones on the south side of Passo San Gottardo / Gotthard pass
-- and some more cobbles on the north side

at the road junction in Hospental, connecting to Gotthard, Furka, Andermatt,
with Switzerland national bicycle routes #1 and #3

Ken's Bike Friday Project Q bicycle at Oberalp pass

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