Provence photos | report
November 2006

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1 - hike from Chalet de la Maline to Point Sublime

Sentier Martel trail along the river Verdon

Sharon on a short side trip off the trail

looking ahead to the river below the cliffs

glad to have some help for crossing a steep slope of loose stones

It gets tougher again as Sharon sees the canyon narrowing ahead

the river Verdon passes thru the narrow gaps which it cut thru the rock

2 - bike Point Sublime to Route des Cretes and Chalet Maline

Looking south into the narrow gorge from near the Couloir Samson
parking -- reached by a (steep) paved road below Point Sublime

along the D952 "rive droite" road on north side of canyon.
The dramatic gorge views are on a side loop road . . .

looking down from the Route des Cretes D23 road -- often runs along edge of the gorge

across to the south side is the Corniche Sublime road
D71 "rive gauche" -- perhaps still more out on the edge

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