November 2006

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Sharon on the Sentier Martel trail in early morning.
It starts by going down to near the bottom of the canyon

trail along the river Verdon

Sharon on a short side trip off the trail

glad to have some help for crossing a steep slope of loose stones

more help provided for going down a long steep "chimney" through the rock

looking ahead to the river below the cliffs

on a long gentle section of the trail

It gets tougher again as Sharon sees the canyon narrowing ahead

the river Verdon passes thru the narrow gaps which it cut thru the rock

two long tunnels were constructed thru the rock, to make it easier for hikers
to make it thru that narrow section -- Sharon is finding the light at the end

hole in the rock at Couloir Samson, almost to the end of the trail

Looking back south into the narrow gorge, from near our finish at Point Sublime.
Then we rode our bicycle back to Chalet de la Maline where we'd started hiking.

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