Sept 2007
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Versant du Soleil: Aime + Granier + Bourg St Maurice

other riders sharing our "balcony" route above the Isere river

our route thru the village of Thuile

looking down to the river Isere as we get close to Bourg St Maurice
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Isere valley farms + vineyards near Montmélian

village of St-Helene-du-Lac, east across the Isere river from Montmélian

along the road south + east from St-Helene

west across the Isere river valley toward Montmélian + Chambéry
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Col de l'Iseran:  highest paved-road mountain pass in Europe

mountains in the clouds: Dome de la Sache + Mont Pourri over water of Lac de Chevril, north beyond our starting point in Val d'Isere

We made it to the top riding on our Bike Friday tandem bicycle

on our way back down, the road runs close by the river Isere

village of le Fornet alongside the road in late afternoon
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around Lac d'Annecy

on the waterfront by Annecy's old city, at the northwest corner of the lake

To go along the east side of the lake, we ride on the road - (while on the west side we were on a bicycle trail)

the river thru Annecy's old city
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