Sept 2007
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Beaufortain mountain group

Ken rode much of this on a single bike last year, crossing the two passes Cormet de Roseland and Cormet d'Areches. This time we drove in the Beaufortain in our rental car in the afternoon, after walking in Vallee des Glaciers in the morning. Now that we've seen it together, we hope we'll get the chance someday to ride together the best sections of the Cormet + Lac de Roselend and Col du Pre.

Aiguille des Glaciers mountain, visible from main road from Bourg St Maurice city up to Cormet de Roselend pass

Mont Blanc (snowy) and the Rocher du Vent (rocky) mountains beyond the Lac de Roselend, looking north, seen from the east side of the Col du Pre

the Areches valley, seen from the climb up the west side of the Col du Pre

across Lac St Guerin in the Areches valley, southeast toward the Cormet d'Areches pass

Vercors plateau: Col de Rousset to St-Jean-en-Rayons

We were just starting to ride this when we had an equipment failure on our bicycle. So we drove it with our rental car instead and took photos.

looking back southwest from Col de Rousset at the south end of the Vercors plateau

village of Vassieux-en-Vercors, east from from Col de la Chou

Combe Laval road D76, blasted into and thru the cliff

looking back east at the last tunnel down the Combe Laval road D76

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