north Europe
July 2007

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on the sign-marked bicycle route south from our start in the village of Sieglar near Köln (Cologne) -- on our way to the city of Bonn

on the bike route, elevated above the surrounding fields for nice views -- at a transition from asphalt to packed dirt.  (we could have avoided this dirt by taking lower alternate path)

another cyclist ahead of us riding over the river Rhein on the sidewalk of the A565 autobahn bridge

looking north down the river Rhein from the bridge -- container shipping facility on left side

We've made it riding to Bonn, former capital of Germany. Ahead is the University.

the "Markt" -- main plaza of the city of Bonn

After leaving Bonn, we crossed over the Rhein on another bridge, and got on the bicycle path along the east side of the river -- here coming into the village of Niederkassel. After this we turned away from the river Rhein and rode back to Sieglar on quiet roads thru farm land.

wedding cake out on the village street with us

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