north Europe
July 2007

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farm country near Bremen: bike Verden to Rethem

in the village of Kükenmoor on our way riding south to Rethem

we crossed the river Aller just before we rode into the village of Rethem

along the road on our way back north to Verden

again we cross the river Aller -- this is its side channel -- this time before riding into Verden

coming back into Verden -- a serious equestrian center in Germany, with a horse museum

We finished our ride with a snack in the city center of Verden

walk around city of Bremen

the "Markt" -- main plaza of the historical city of northern Germany -- (with overhead wires above the tracks for the trolleys)

statue for the Grimm brothers' fairy tale about the four musicians of Bremen

new alternate rendition of the Grimm fairy tale's four musicians

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