nw Italy 2007
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around Gran Paradiso and over Colle del Nivolet

I did not take any photos on the day I rode the loop from Ivrea, because I was focusing on just getting thru the adventure. But the scenery deserved photos -- so here's some links to some other people's photos:

Here's my only photo of the Gran Paradiso mountain, but it was taken in April with lots of snow, and from a far distance south:

Elva gorge - (on south side of Colle di Sampeyre)

It started as a rather cloudy day, and I expected the climb up the north side Colle di Sampeyre to be hard, so I decided not to carry the weight of a camera. Then just after I come over the summit it got nice and sunny, and the Elva gorge was rather spectacular . . . "Oh well, hope for photos next time". Meanwhile can try . . .

Chiusa di Pesio

a town southeast from Cuneo, near both gentle and hilly terrain. I'd heard that an experienced American cyclist used it as a base, and after riding one day it was convenient to drive by there, so here's a photo:


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